Paintless Dent Removal

Most people have never heard of repairing by PDR technology (apparently they did not have a car damaged from hail) and when they are asked on how to repair it, they usually answer: painting.

Generally speaking, painting is also an option, but it requires a multitude of complex steps and waiting periods for new parts or new paint. It means it takes much more time for it to be completed. Not to mention the loss of value of the vehicle as applying new paint over a vehicle’s factory finish significantly reduces a vehicle’s resale value, which is why PDR is highly beneficial because it keeps the original finish intact.

PDR technology (paintless dent removal) was developed to. repair dents without painting and without damaging the paint. PDR technology is based on the gradual and gentle extrusion of pits and hollows after hail to their original state, which achieves perfect evenness of the part and gradually the whole car, while using metal memory and the vehicle after repair looks perfect as before damage. The PDR repair is performed with special tools developed specifically for this type of repair.

PDR is widely used all over the world not just in Slovakia and it is recommended and preferred by insurance companies and a preferred form of repair of cars damaged by hail compared to conventional repair (painting). PDR repair without painting is primarily a cheaper form of repair for you, but also gentler on your car damaged by hail, as the paint of your vehicle is in 100% condition after the repair, which keeps the highest possible value of your vehicle.

The PDR method without painting has its roots in the 1950s in Germany, where it was used for minor body repairs in the manufacture of cars.

It was later forgotten until car dealers rediscovered PDR technology in the United States in the 1990s, looking for a cheaper and faster form of repair while maintaining the highest value for their vehicles, where it gradually improved to its current form and spread around the world.

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